In the year 1983 my father Ladislav ONIČ established the company Ključarničarstvo ONIČ (Locksmith’s workshop ONIČ) in Spodnje Poljčane (Ladislav ONIČ s.p.). At first he produced small products for unknown clients and later on for well-known clients, which required completion and productions of turned semi-manufactured products. After that he owned machinery such as two self-standing drilling machines, two semi-automatic lathes, a gear shaper (which he restored himself), an eccentric press, a lathe which he restored and sold, two milling machines (which he restored himself), a grinding machine which he manufactured and sold, a surface grinder, he purchased several machines and devices which he restored and sold, three automatic lathes for which he made curves and a wire and a sinking erosion machines.

Self-made products, which he constructed, prepared the prototypes and stimulated the production:

  • “Umbrella” or a napkin holder. He also printed the napkins in the colors of the Slovenian flag (patent sold)
  • Instrument for tying up fishhooks (not enough sold)
  • Flush bolt for folding doors type “ONIČ” (still owned and sold)

Product bought with the entire company from Mr. Beheran:

  • “PI Clip”, is a clip for fastening of all sorts of sanitary and elastic bandages (still owned and sold)

In 1997 he decided to buy a new wire erosion machine type ROBOFIL 290 from the company CHARMILLESS for which we both have taken a course in Switzerland in the headquarters of the company CHARMILLESS and acquired the basic schooling certificate for operating this machine.

On the fifth of January 1998 and after 4 years of serving I stepped out of the Slovenian Army and shortly after that established the company CNC UNIVERZAL programiranje strojev (Nikolaj Onič s.p.). I established my own company, because the transfer of the family company from father to son was too much paper work. However, I had my own money and no monthly payment from my father and in that way I had as much as I worked. My father manufactured tools and instruments for a known client and I worked in the field of electrical discharge machining. The building expenses covered my father and the maintenance of erosion me. The amount of work in the field of wired erosion expanded and in the year 1999 I decided to buy a new wire erosion machine from the same company, because of the quick and simple integration in the work process. I was able to buy this machine after only 17 work months, because my father was prepared to support me as a guarantor in the talks with the bank NovaKBM, which approved my loan for the machine. My special thanks also goes to our clients, which trusted our expertise: ORODJARSTVO Gorjak AIDA s.p., ALPOS ORODJARNA d.o.o., Srečko PIRŠ s.p., SATURNUS Orodjarna d.o.o..

In time we gained more trust and in some years the number of companies with which we are working climbed over 100.